Science Insanity!

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With the rise in fake news...guess what else is now trending upward...fake science!

So where is the fake science coming from?...liberal academia!  The best example is climate science. These liberal scientists have been able to convince masses of our population that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. Carbon dioxide is actually essential to all life. We learned this in grade school...that is that plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Therefore, the more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the better the environment for plant life, resulting in a more oxygen rich mixture of gases for human and animal life. How so-called smart people have been able to turn this information on it's head would only be possible in a dumbed-down population, which is exactly what we have in this country, thanks to teacher's unions, politicians and a completely liberal media.  They have manipulated the data to support an agenda, not to provide accurate information.

When it comes to global warming, which they now refer to as climate science, statistical information is cherry picked to support their warming (and therefore disastrous) agenda.

Below is an illustration graph of how they do that. Notice the short red line on the lower right corner of the graph. This is the part that is used to support their claims.   Such dishonesty is downright criminal! So how do they get away with this?  It is blind faith. There can be no other explanation. We are so in awe of the highly educated segment of our society that we swallow anything they have to say, no matter how wacky. This graph, derived from glacial temperatures, indicates a downward trend in global temperatures.  Actually, if you look at the graph below, and notice the correlations, you can see there are atmospheric consequences of CO2 concentrations, but not as these climate scientists are predicting.There is significant evidence that prior to the flood described in Genesis, the world climate was tropical and life so flourished in that CO2 rich environment, growth of both plants and animals was accelerated to produce massive quantities of carbon based life. (clearly evidenced in our coal and oil deposits) As a result of the flood, nearly all of it died and was buried under tons of sediment. The catastrophic shifts in the sea floor and the breaking apart of the land mass, along with  seismic and volcanic activity resulted  in the mountains and valleys we see today. What does academia say about that scenario? Of course, they skoff at the idea that there ever was a global flood, mainly because it came from the Bible. I say that's fine. If you have a better theory, put it forward, but try using real science to back it up. 

More technological insanity...Please watch this video and note the careless aerial application of so-called safe chemicals in South Carolina!

St Jude Children's hospital, in a television commercial, parades one sick child after another before the camera, pleading for donations so they can be tortured to perpetuate a medical establishment committed to barbaric drug poisoning (they call treatment). It is time drug companies, hospitals and many doctors be held to account for the misery and death they inflict on people who trust them. Their search for a drug cure is a lie and they know it. It is a multi-billion dollar a year business that benefits the medical establishment's relentless search, not for a cure but for ways to continue their evil manipulation and domination of the health care system.   READ THE TRUTH! 

Your body has a natural line of defense against cancer. It is called the immune system. Chemotherapy and radiation destroy the immune system. They are not suitable treatments for cancer. The first priority of treatments should be the building of the immune system, not with chemicals but clean, organic vegetables, fruit, eggs, meats, filtered water and healthy fats. Of these, fermented vegetables are the best to provide the gut with a balance of good and bad bacteria. Naturally fermented sauerkraut is about 50 times more potent than probiotics for developing a healthy gut. Of course their are many environmental factors which contribute to the development of cell mutation, such as smoking, drugs, environmental toxins, etc. Remove these and begin a healthy diet. This will do more for putting a person with cancer on the road to recovery than any chemo or radiation treatments, in my opinion.  The medical establishment regularly suppresses information about alternative treatments, in spite of the thousands of cases on record of successful, natural treatments and case studies supporting them. ( Instead, they would rather vilify vitamin and mineral supplements, claiming they harm our health, while ignoring the thousands of deaths from legally prescribed drugs every year. Studies have shown that synthetic or adulterated vitamins, especially taken with drugs, can be harmful. However,There is no question that organic, whole food supplements are beneficial to your health. Roger Cole       

Scientist calls for death to humanity
by John Ballantyne

News Weekly, April 15,

Depopulation: Could a Speech From 8 Years Ago Hold the Key to the Rapid Spread of Ebola?

A Texas scientist advocates killing nine-tenths of the world's population by an airborne Ebola virus, writes John Ballantyne.

An award-winning Texas scientist was given a standing ovation after he advocated the extermination of 90 per cent of the Earth's population by an airborne Ebola virus.

The University of Texas evolutionary ecologist, Dr Eric R. Pianka, was addressing the 109th meeting of the Texas Academy of Science at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, in early March, after the academy had named him 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist.

Present at Pianka's speech was Forrest M. Mim III, a popular science writer and editor of the bi-weekly journal, The Citizen Scientist. He reported:

"Something curious occurred a minute before Pianka began speaking. An official of the Academy approached a video camera operator at the front of the auditorium and engaged him in animated conversation. The camera operator did not look pleased as he pointed the lens of the big camera to the ceiling and slowly walked away.

"This curious incident came to mind a few minutes later when Professor Pianka began his speech by explaining that the general public is not yet ready to hear what he was about to tell us. Because of many years of experience as a writer and editor, Pianka's strange introduction and the TV camera incident raised a red flag in my mind ... I grabbed a notepad ..." ("Meeting Doctor Doom", The Citizen Scientist, March 31, 2006).

Pianka began his speech by condemning anthropocentrism, or the idea that the human race occupies a privileged position in nature. He exclaimed, "We're no better than bacteria!"

He argued that the sharp increase in the human population since the onset of industrialisation was destroying the planet. He warned that Earth would not survive unless its human population was reduced to a tenth of its present number.

He then offered drastic solutions, accompanying his remarks with a slide depicting the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

War and famine were insufficient for solving global overpopulation, he explained. Instead, disease was far more efficient and swift. At this point, Pianka displayed a slide showing rows of human skulls.

AIDS took too long to kill people off, he explained. His preferred method of exterminating over five billion human beings was via airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and kills its victims in days rather than years.

However, as Mim observed: "Professor Pianka did not mention that Ebola victims die a slow and torturous death as the virus initiates a cascade of biological calamities inside the victim that eventually liquefy the internal organs.

"After praising the Ebola virus for its efficiency at killing, Pianka paused, leaned over the lectern, looked at us and carefully said, 'We've got airborne 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that.' "

After he finished his address, the audience burst into applause.

Mim reported: "It wasn't merely a smattering of polite clapping that audiences diplomatically reserve for poor or boring speakers. It was a loud, vigorous and enthusiastic applause. ...

During a question-and-answer session, Pianka praised communist China's draconian one-child policy, and suggested that IQs are falling because only "uncaring people" (i.e., people with below-average intelligence) have large families.

Fast forward almost 10 years after Pianka expressed his desire to see most of the world's population exterminated and we have an Ebola crisis that seems to match the original narrative. The currently spreading strains of Ebola are reportedly transmissible both through surfaces and through airborne micro-droplets, and the mortality rate is exceptionally high.

Droplet spread happens when germs traveling inside droplets that are coughed or sneezed from a sick person enter the eyes, nose or mouth of another person," explains a poster issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) back in October.

"When the professional scientists have lost their sense of moral outrage at such ideologies, then it falls to America's great community of citizen scientists to be the conscious of science."  Mike Adams

And of course...our drug and medical cabal are not going to waste a "good" disaster. They can use another opportunity to develop and market one more vaccine such as the one developed to control the Zika virus. Note how many billions have been spent on medical research and treatment of ebola and how many more billions will be spent. 

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