"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

-President Abraham Lincoln

We must prevent a repeat of the General 2020 Election and guarantee the  2024  election reflects the true will of the people.

We are calling on all states to ban the use of all electronic voting machines, including ballot tabulators, in this upcoming election.

Jim O’Connor, Arizona State Corporate Commissioner, has kicked off this movement, distributing an official letter to every Arizona county official calling on them to conduct the election using paper ballots processed by hand count. 

All machines are a national cyber security risk that is unsecure, hackable, and inaccurate! County election results must be hand delivered without the use of electronic transmission or transportable memory devices that can be digitally altered.    

Vote Conservative!

How do dead people vote?   349,000 Dead Registrants Remain on Voter Rolls across 41 states! Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act requires election officials to remove “registrants from the voter registration roll because of the death of the registrant or a change in the residence of the registrant.”

According to the Public Interest Legal Foundation, North Carolina led the country in 2016 and 2018 in the number of votes credited to deceased registrants.

It is easy to see why there is concern over mass mailing of ballots.   

The number is a major improvement over the last time an assessment of similar scope was performed in 2012, when a Pew Research report turned up 2 million deceased voters on the rolls.

The PILF audit combined voter roll data from 42 states into a database where each registrant and vote could be cross-referenced to detect duplicate votes cast from the same address and spot registrants who appear to have voted more than once in their state or across state lines.

In 2016, there were 43,760 such duplicate votes cast. In 2018, the number dropped to 37,889. Tens of thousands of the apparent duplicate votes were cast by mail, the report found.     Read more...

Are masks really helpful to reduce the spread of the corona virus 

Covid-19)?   Maybe...but the WHO says there is no evidence that it does 

actually prevent anything.  What it does do is give cover to murderers, 

rioters and looters, making it very difficult to ID violent criminals.

Please Read the followin g message!

    A little general information about corona viruses may be useful.  First, their are a number of corona viruses that are less communicable and result in symptoms much like the common cold.  About 30% of them result in some degree of immunity to other corona type viruses including covid 19.  That is why their are so many cases that are assymptomatic.  This is also one of the reasons. we should keep in mind, that the fatality rate among people with covid 19 is very low...a lot of cases;  few deaths. The number of cases has had very little to do with the number of deaths,

Secondly, the elderly (over 70) have been hit the hardest and that is to be expected in that age group because they have more underlying health conditions and  compromised immune systems due to the number of prescription drugs prescribed for that age group. (In case you didn't know it,  all drugs,  illegal,  or over the counter,  or prescription, compromise the immune system)  It is also well known that the reporting of fatalities resulting from the Covid 19 virus has been greatly exaggerated because of liberal  fatality reporting  standards .

The CDC and the  NIH  have changed their reporting standards for Covid-19  without input from  qualified professionals that are free from conflicts of interest, resulting in greatly inflated death statistics, and subsequent closures of schools and businesses throughout the country. 

  • According to data released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention August 26, 2020, only 6% of the total COVID-19-related deaths in the U.S. had COVID-19 listed as the sole cause of death on the death certificate

  • A September 2, 2020, study found the overall noninstitutionalized infection fatality ratio was 0.26%. Among those under the age of 40, the infection fatality ratio is 0.01%, while those over 60 have an infection fatality ratio of 1.71%

  • The estimated infection fatality rate for seasonal influenza is 0.8%, so the only people for whom SARS-CoV-2 infection is more dangerous than influenza are those over the age of 60. Everyone else has a lower risk of dying from COVID-19 than they have of dying from the flu.

On April 14th, the CDC in conjunctions with approval from the National Institute of Health (NIH), adopted the CSTE position paper that authorized the following guidelines for data collection and reporting which are completely unique for COVID-19 and had never been done before which:

  • allowed for 'Probable' cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities [section A5];

  • created a pathway for the minimum standards of evidence to be a single cough [section A1];

  • created a pathway for completely bypassing laboratory testing in order to classify a COVID-19 case as positive ;

  • created a pathway for the minimum standard of evidence necessary for determining a COVID-19 case to be positive as being within 6 feet of a 'Probable' case for 10 minutes or traveling to an area with outbreaks 

  • declined to create any methodology for ensuring the same COVID-19 positive person would not be counted multiple times as a new case upon being tested multiple times.  If each state were publishing comorbidity data, and if each state used the CDC's 2003 Revision Handbook as they do for all other death certificates, the actual COVID-19 fatality totals would be approximately 90.2% LOWER than they currently are based upon an extrapolation of the data that is available.

The current coronavirus disease, Covid-19, has been called a once-in-a-century pandemic. But it may also be a once-in-a-century evidence fiasco.  See article...

The video above reviews why the rise in COVID-19 "cases" is misleading at best, and not a viable measure of a public health threat. It presents a historical overview of what happened during the 2009 and how it parallels the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

In summary, fear of a novel illness -- pandemic swine flu -- led to a dramatic spike in testing, making it seem like a significant threat as many tested positive. Yet the death toll was insignificant. We're seeing the same thing happening now. Two things are driving the numbers of positive tests skyward: The sudden availability of tests, and widespread testing of asymptomatic people.

Put another way. The sharp increases in "cases" are not proof of disease spread but rather the spread of testing. When you don't have a test for the infection, you cannot tally positive cases. Hence it looked like there were virtually no COVID-19 cases in January 2020.

The sudden jump in cases in February correlates with the emergence of test kits sent out by the CDC. Once those test kits were used up, the number of "cases" again dried up. Then, once test kits became readily available again in early April, the number of cases skyrocketed -- as you'd expect. But again, this doesn't mean the disease was spreading like wildfire.

  • Even though the COVID-19 curve has been flattened, mainstream media outlets continue to push doomsday predictions of an impending explosion of deaths.

  • According to Stanford University's disease prevention chairman Dr. John Ioannidis, the COVID-19 fatality rate for those under the age of 45 is "almost zero," and between the ages of 45 and 70, it's somewhere between 0.05% and 0.3%.

  • So, the fact that young and middle-aged adults are testing positive in droves is not a warning sign of an impending onslaught of deaths, as the risk of death in these age groups is minuscule.

  • The sharp increases in "cases" werenot proof of disease spread but, rather, the spread of testing.

A number of graphs have been published comparing the number of deaths from other communicable diseases such as TB and HIV/AIDS to covid-19.  It is clear that such comparisons may be regarded as misleading because of the rapid spread of covid-19, a newly-formed disease, but it is also clear that the models used and the predictions of so-called experts have led to the first ever shutdown of America.  What real evidence has there been to warrant such a measure?  The models and predictions have both been wrong. TB, Hepatitis B, Pneumonia, HIV/AIDS and even the seasonal flu and other long standing diseases, have racked up more deaths  in 2020 than covid-19. It is also true that it appears to anyone who is looking at the situation with some degree of objectivity, that some people are seeking to use the virus to prolong a recovery for some nefarious reason. We keep hearing that "this" or "that" is scientifically proven to save lives, when no science at all is involved in those claims.  Anecdotal evidence , such as the number of positive cases from testing is not science. There are a number of other factors involved that are not accounted for.  Cases testing positive may be the result of a mild case already recovered  or ongoing cases being immune system mitigated. There is not even much of a correlation between positive cases and any significant risk of infection to the public, because the age, state of health and ratio of deaths to positive cases, among other variables,is not reported. 

Probable non-drug cure that has been around for over 100 years!  Clinical trial in Peru treated over 100 people with the virus with 100% success!  Why is this NOT front page news internationally?   See the video for the answer.

The question is still unanswered on the safety of masks for preventing covid-19.  

   There is considerable debate on the effectiveness of masks, from the fitting of the mask to the particle size they filter. 

   What is distressing is the lack of advice on measures that we know are effective.  It is well known that being overweight is one of the most serious  contributors  to being vulnerable to Covid-19.  So, you might say...What can I do about that? It is not like I can snap my fingers and lose weight...true, but not quite true. The Bible has several examples of a common method that worked then and it can work now. It is fasting. There are a lot of misconceptions about fasting...like fasting will make me tired and weak....NOT TRUE!  Being tired and weak usually comes  from overeating, because of the tremendous strain on your digestive system to convert large quantities of food to nutrition and waste.  Jesus was a man (though also God) and  He fasted 40 days. Elijah and others fasted. As a matter of fact, fasting was commonplace and imparted numerous benefits, both physical and spiritual. Anyway, that is just one thing a person can do. Another is to make sure you are getting sufficient anti-oxidant protection. It has long been known that vitamins C and D3 prevent all sorts of disease and sickness and it is certain that it so improves your immune system as to prevent colds (Rhino-virus) and flu virus's. Exercise,  fresh air and sunshine are also beneficial.  Consumption of junk food, alcohol and drugs, (legal and illegal) all reduce the effectiveness of our immune system.

   To put all our hopes on a vaccine is insane.  A Department of Defense studysin 2018 found that individuals vaccinated against the flu were 36 percent more likely to test positive for a coronavirus than unvaccinated individuals. Flu vaccines have been shown to be only about 50% effective and drug treatments of any kind only exacerbate the problem.   Other studies suggest that flu vaccinations increase the risk of non-flu viral infections and respiratory illness.    According to the CDC,  5800 fully vaccinated people have contracted COVID-19,  74 dead.  (Reported by Epoch Times)  Natural News    reports...  FDA halts J&J vaccines after blood clot death wave accelerates

   Eating safe, organic, nutrient dense food, drinking lots of filtered water and getting plenty of rest are good basic suggestions for preventing disease of every kind.

America's Suicide Cult!

The real threat to sustainable life on our planet is not so-called climate change, it is the mass contamination of our world with pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical runoff,  hormone-disruptor chemicals,  genetically engineered crops,  heavy metals in medicine (such as mercury in vaccines), industrial chemicals and biosludge. Yet, astonishingly, no mainstream environmentalists seem to care about any of these threats. The entire environmental movement has become nothing more than a mindless climate change echo chamber, totally clueless about the real threats to our world that are destroying sustainability right now. In the name of corporate profits, humans are poisoning their food (pesticides), poisoning their minds (psychiatric drugs), poisoning their agricultural soils (glyphosate) and even poisoning their children (toxic vaccines).

 Paul Ehrlich, co-author of a depopulation study, has been cited by population control advocates like Bill Gates, who calls for an engineered depopulation of the planet in order to achieve long-term sustainability. Bill Gates has donated millions of dollars to infertility technologies and vaccine innovations that include vaccines in Africa being covertly laced with infertility chemicals to achieve a race-based biomedical cleansing / genocide by making sure black people don't reproduce.  Mike Adams

We should be aware that the world population is declining, due to a number of reasons, birth control and abortion, being the primary factors. 

Here is another one you are not going to believe...READ THIS!

"Earth already in midst of next mass extinction, scientists warn!" 

This was the headline of The Times of Israel,  but if you read the study, it is based on the number of mammal species that are declining in number. Is this yet another example of "negative hallucinations"?

Why I don't eat food just because it tastes good.

I have become more and more aggravated by the varied pressures on everyone to eat with abandon, without regard to safety or nutrition. The sole determiner of what we should eat, according to most people is, "does it taste good".  It seems like, every day, we are informed about some food that all have accepted as safe and healthy, including me, but is actually contaminated with Glyphosate and up to 15 other pesticides. All of these pesticides, but particularly Glyphosate, are linked to chronic disease like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and dozens more life threatening maladies.   Foods like beans and peas (legumes) are sprayed with glyphosate 2 weeks before harvesting to aid in drying. The same is true with wheat and oats.  I always considered Quaker Oats to be healthy, but the health Research Institute (an independent lab) said their products have substantial amounts of Glyphosate in them. I threw out the Quaker Oats I had in my kitchen. We have to decide to be more attentive to what foods we buy and consume or cozy up to an old age of debilitating disease and a shorter life span.

Most people walk through the produce department of the grocery store looking for fresh looking vegetables and fruit, not aware of the hidden dangers of products not labeled organic. Take spinach, for example; HRI Labs tested grocery spinach and found as many as 8 different pesticides in what appears to be very healthy looking produce. All leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, cabbage, kale, etc. are heavily sprayed. Most people are aware of the spraying but believe they can wash their produce and so remove the pesticides. It is true that some is removed, but most remains, even after numerous washings. In addition to the surface dangers is the pesticide absorbed by the roots from the soil that is also sprayed. In addition to that is genetic modification of soy beans, corn and many other crops that find their way into the food chain as ingredients in hundreds of products. Monsanto's seeds are gene spliced with Glyphosate to make them resistant to insects. So the pesticide is present even before the plant is sown. Something that should make people wary of genetically modified crops is the fact that the seeds are infertile. You cannot take GM corn or soybeans, plant them and expect them to grow. Farmers have to buy the GM seed from Monsanto or who ever produces them, to plant their crop every year. 

In Genesis 1:29  "God said, "See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food." 

Supposedly, GM seed was said to produce higher yields, without the cost of pesticides.  Instead, it required more fertilizer to equal or exceed  non-GM seed, plus it made farmers slave to corporate giant chemical companies. 

I have quit eating in restaurants because most of their food is GM or otherwise unhealthy to eat.  For example; I ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel recently and asked if their hash browns had butter in them (since I am lactose intolerant).  The waitress checked with their cooks and came back to the table to tell me "no, they were fried with margarine". I am not allergic to margarine, but it is not a good food.  Note how it is manufactured in the chart below. Even if hydrogenation is removed from the steps, the vegetable seeds used in the first step are almost undoubtedly genetically modified. It is completely normal for restaurants to use the cheapest ingredients to  produce food that tastes good, but are far from healthy.

When you consume vegetables with Glyphosate in them, that pesticide also attacks your gut health, which is crucial to your immune system. So you get more colds, flu, allergies, joint aches and pains, etc. There is little question that your life span will be reduced when your immune system is compromised. 

The agri-chemical business is a nasty cut throat racket that enslaves farmers, preventing them, once contracted, from ever leaving their grasp.  Roger Cole


While President Trump brought "fake news" to the forefront, Monsanto Corp. perfected it, to the detriment of the health of everyone in America and much of the world.  READ MORE

Monsanto Fingerprints found all over attacks on organic food !

A full page ad posted in "Tennessee Home and Farm" by tnsoybeans.org, claims the truth is that pesticide residue on produce is below  levels considered safe for human consumption.

First of all, pesticides are also absorbed through the plants root system and consumed when eaten.

Secondly, genetically modified products, such as "bt-corn" are extremely dangerous on so many levels, it is criminally irresponsible to claim they are harmless.

Thirdly, federal agencies like the EPA, FDA and USDA have not conducted independent studies to verify their claims of no harm and have conflicts of interest in nearly every corner of those bureaucracies.

Finally, it is not true that simple washing removes pesticides and definitely not true that processors successfully remove them by their washing procedure.

If you don't see these points as particularly disturbing, you should also note that animal products, which most of us consume, are fed with fodder that has been sprayed and we consume the chemicals when we eat the flesh of the animal.

The news media has long been in bed with the pharmaceutical industry, because of the tremendous amount of advertising they generate. This is not the way free enterprise is supposed to work. If based on competition and freedom of information, it is the most productive machine of innovation ever designed... if greed and suppression, the result can be destructive. Thankfully, the internet has made it more difficult to suppress information. This is a real breakthrough for liberty! The entire health industry has needlessly cost Americans their health and their wealth. Obamacare has been the disastrous result of failing to identify the real problem. Sickness and death have been exacerbated instead of reduced!


American suppliers are not able to keep up with the demand. More and more of the American public are becoming aware of the contaminated food supply in this country. As demand continues to grow, distributers are turning to imported products.

In a speech made to Russian Parliament in early December, President Vladimir Putin announced his plan for Russia to become the world’s biggest exporter of “ecologically clean and high-quality food.” He then went on to criticize the production of GMOs in the West in light of the exponential demand for organic food in recent years.

Giant agri-chemical companies have taken over the croplands of the United States, the largest of which is Monsanto. They make it nearly impossible for American farmers to convert to organic production. The result, of course, is if you are going to have access to clean, organically grown food, you have to raise it yourself or buy it from the few local farmers left who have not sold themselves to Monsanto. Read further down this page for more information.

Note: Even though Monsanto has sold out to Bayer, their products are readily available in Walmart, farmers co-op's and dozens of other places. Their lawyers have undoubtedly crafted a scheme to avoid responsibility for the incredible damage they have done to human health, minimally evidenced by the awards granted by litigation over Monsanto's Roundup.

Demand for clean, safe to consume, organically grown food soaring!

It seems apparent that Taiwan cares more about the health of their children than America does. They have banned GMO's from school lunches...And...They now mandate GMO labeling nationwide. When it comes to school lunches, food safety should be the number one concern. As more and more countries join in removing from the market, dangerous products, our congress seems more interested in protecting the profits of chemical companies like Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont and others. These companies have loaded the FDA and USDA with their shills, buying off politicians and paying experts to lie about the dangers of genetically modified agricultural products. These same corrupt and greedy propagandists have been promoting consumption of their poison to the world market through fair trade regulations such as the TPP. Thankfully, president Trump has nixed TPP.

Legislator Lin Shu-fen, an advocate for passing the bill, said that studies abroad have shown a high connection between the consumption of GM foods and the prevalence of allergies, autism and rare diseases.

"Soy is a major ingredient in Taiwan's school lunches," said Lin. "Genetically modified soy has been shown to contains toxic residue from pesticides."

In America, soy and corn products (most of which are GMO) proliferate nearly every product on store shelves. The American public seems completely oblivious to the dangers of these "frankenfoods".

Learn more:

Sugar is the problem, not saturated fat...see the article

Evidence of More Government Corruption...CDC refusing to release documents regarding immunization fraud!

  See the article at Natural News and don't ever trust the national media to tell the truth. The evidence is overwhelming that most immunization shots don't work and may even be escalating the number of virulent strains. CBS, Boston reported 15 cases of whooping cough at Falmouth High School, but you have to read well down into the article to discover that all those effected had been immunized. The article relates a number of correlations that are supposed to illustrate that immunization programs work, but, in fact, the correlations are strained and the evidence is ignored. You keep kids healthy with a healthy diet and a safe, chemical free environment. The human body's immune system does a far better job of maintaining a disease free population then immunizations.  If a healthy child is exposed to a particular childhood disease, it is highly likely that he will not contract it.  If he does, however, it will be short lived and his body will produce antibodies that will give him life-long immunity. The dishonesty about this fact starts at the drug industry that makes billions from immunizations and making them mandatory aids them immensely.  Most shots administered for prevention contain deadly preservatives like mercury.  The picture below (courtesy of Mike Adams of "Natural News") is from a ten vial package of flu vaccine.  You will note that it plainly says neither safety or efficacy has been established, and the final note is that it has not even been established as safe for use by women of child bearing potential.  Of course, men could also be at risk of being infertile. One would think it would at least be evaluated for cancer causing danger.  

The CDC additives page below admits that mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, antibiotics and MSG are added to many vaccines for the purposes noted. In spite of what arguments are made concerning the amount or type of mercury used, it is not safe in any amount.  Mercury is a toxic metal that can attack the nervous system and result in life-long disabilities. Children are particularly vulnerable.  Just think about that for a moment. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the following:


Schedule of Immunizations
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the following schedule for vaccines:

If you miss or are late with one, you do not have to start over but just resume the schedule. However, we do not recommend delaying any of them.

In the hospital: Hepatitis B (not in all hospitals)
2 Months: DTaP, Polio, HIB, Hep B, Prevnar, Rotavirus (Rotateq or Rotarix)
4 Months: DTaP, Polio, HIB, Prevnar, Rotavirus (Rotateq or Rotarix), Hep B (If not given in hospital)
6 Months: DTaP, Prevnar, Rotavirus (Rotateq), HIB
9 Months: Hepititis B
12 Months: MMR, Chickenpox, Prevnar
15 Months: DTaP/HIB, Prevnar (if not given before)
18 Months: Polio, Prevnar (if not given before)
2 Years: Hepatitis A
3 Years: Hepatitis A
4-6 Years: Booster DTaP, Polio, MMR, Chickenpox, TB, Hemoglobin, (can be split over 2 years)
After age 6: Yearly checkups with Tetanus Booster at age 10, Meningococcal at 11-12, HPV vaccine for girls after 11-12

Every fall, all family members should have a flu vaccine.


That is, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Sad truth is that American children are nothing more than guinea pigs to drug companies and much of the medical establishment. How else can it be explained when you review the facts about infant mortality in this country?

The recent measles outbreaks may come from the vaccinated population as many science reports show, but the media is bent on blaming the unvaccinated, labeling them with various fringe groups.


Take a look at the routine treatment of nearly all cancers. You know what it is...surgery,chemotherapy or radiation. How successful is it?

"As a retired physician, I can honestly say that unless you are in a serious accident, YOUR BEST CHANCE OF LIVING TO A RIPE OLD AGE IS TO AVOID DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS AND LEARN NUTRITION, HERBAL MEDICINE AND OTHER FORMS OF NATURAL MEDICINE. Almost all drugs are toxic and are designed only to treat symptoms and not to cure anyone.  Most surgery is unnecessary. In short, our mainstream medical system is hopelessly inept and/or corrupt. THE TREATMENT OF CANCER AND DEGENERATIVE DISEASES IS A NATIONAL SCANDAL. The sooner you learn this, the better off you will be."
Dr. Allan Greenberg on 12/24/2002

"The major causes of diseases in our country -- cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes -- are not genetic factors, as so many people believe and use as an excuse, but diets and lifestyle factors. We have documented that unhealthy diet and lifestyle account for more than 80 percent of heart disease, 90 percent of type II diabetes, and more than 70 percent of stroke and colon cancer." - Harvard School of Public Health

The prescription drug trap is deadlier than any virus, illicit drug, and terrorism combined. Well-documented in scientific journals and reported by media outlets nationwide, FDA approved drugs are killing an estimated 106,000 people every year. That equates to one individual dying every five minutes from “approved” drugs - 300 people dying every day. This is twice as many deaths in a single year from "approved drugs" as the total number of U.S. deaths from the Vietnam War. This does not count death by hospital medical error, which adds 99,000 deaths to the atrocity. If not killed, an estimated 2 million people are victims of drug-induced illnesses. These may include drug-induced obesity, cancer, kidney disease, autism, depression and heart failure. A life that should be filled with greatness and reward is anchored to mediocrity – at best – thanks to the prescription drug trap. It doesn't’ have to be like this.

The United States ranks 12th among the top 13 countries in the health of its citizens. At least eighty percent of seniors have at least one chronic disease and fifty percent have at least two. Relative to children in other industrialized countries, the health of U.S. children is worse in virtually every category. One in three born in the year 2000 will suffer from type II diabetes. An estimated 11 to 20 years will be erased from their life span! Shane Ellison, M.SC


If you read all this article, you should become alarmed at what passes for health care in this country, especially that our children are being subjected to life-long disabilities causing untold misery and cost to parents, teachers and health care practitioners who care.

Mercury or aluminum is found in most vaccines as a preservative.  It doesn't break down in the body, or in the environment. It just keeps accumulating. This is why periodically we see government advisories warning us not to eat certain types of fish; when mercury builds up in a given water system, the fish living in those waters become toxic. Mercury is known to cause permanent neurological damage, kidney damage, infertility and birth defects. It doesn't stay in blood for long, preferring to make its way into organs and tissues where it adheres to cell membranes and interferes with healthy cellular function.

Some studies suggest that children of mothers with blood mercury levels as low as 30 to 40 ng/ml may exhibit delayed development and subtle nervous system effects during early childhood. Some reports suggest that similar blood mercury levels may be associated with visual, nervous, or cardiovascular system effects in adults.  Blood mercury levels above 100 ng/mL have been reported to be associated with clear signs of mercury poisoning in some individuals (e.g., poor muscle coordination, tingling and numbness in fingers and toes).

Another heavy metal, aluminum, also found in many vaccines as an additive by the CDC list below, causes neurotoxicity and contributes to a number of degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease. This has been widely discussed and is supported by a number of studies.


All these shots damage the immune system and result in more susceptibility to the strain they are immunized for and other diseases, as well.  Most doctors are well aware of this and have a vested interest in obfuscating the facts.  Sickness is a business for the medical establishment and keeping people healthy is not in their best interest.  I know that is a hard statement, but if you examine the issue from top to bottom, you can't help but see that NOBODY is really looking out for your health, so YOU better be doing it yourself.   Roger Cole 

update: CDC whistleblower letter...http://www.naturalnews.com/images/CDC-Gerberding-Warning-Vaccines-Autism.jpg

Some lawmakers are proposing forced immunizations.  In view of the covid 19 pandemic and hopes to control it based on a vaccine, this could become a reality. The sad part of it is that it is pretty certain a cure for the virus exists but it is being  withheld from the public. It is chlorine dioxide... a substance that has long been  used to purify water, that now the FDA says is dangerous. 

When I was in the army, back in the 60's , there was a pill supplied to troops in the field  to put in your canteen to purify water. This product (called Halazone) uses the same basic concept as chlorine dioxide when properly used. 

Please, do not give to "Autism Speaks"!  

They are like many other organizations that are dedicated more to supporting themselves than to what they claim they are doing... promoting understanding and addressing the many physical and mental health conditions that frequently accompany autism. In spite of solid evidence of vaccine causation, they say such claims are false.

The American Heart Assn. is another such organization constantly seeking money for research, while disseminating bad advice on a healthy diet. They say eating foods with fat is definitely part of a healthy diet... "Just remember to choose foods that provide good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats)." The fats that they claim are unhealthy are actually the healthiest of fats...saturated fats, such as coconut oil, avocado oil, butter, lard, etc. are healthy fats, while vegetable oils like corn oil, soy bean oil, canola and peanut oil are not healthy. The latest science recommends that healthy fats from these sources (coconut, butter, avocados, organic meat and raw dairy) should comprise anywhere from 50 to 85 percent of your overall energy intake. However, remember that fat is high in calories but small in terms of volume. So when you look at your plate, the largest portion will still be vegetables. The AHA has been misinforming the public for over 50 years. They are still promoting low fat dietary foods, which are not the culprit to heart disease or obesity. It is bad fats, and simple carbohydrates like sugar, pasta, breads and processed foods, laden with preservatives and chemicals (food colorings, artificial flavors and pesticides) which are destroying the health of Americans. Please don't donate to them either. They cling to outdated information like a dog clings to his bone.  

Introduced by Representatives Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Charlie Dent (R-Penn.), Thomas Marino (R-Penn.) and Peter Welch (D-Ver.), and supported by dozens of other members of Congress, the legislation proclaims unambiguously that "there is no credible evidence to show that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases in healthy children or adults." Based on this claim, lawmakers believe that everyone should be forced to get jabbed. "Too many parents are turning away from sound science," stated Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), whose number two campaign contributor, according to OpenSecrets.org, is the pharmaceutical and health products industry. "Sound science is this: Vaccines save lives."

Congress is lying about vaccine safety; MMR can cause chronic inflammation in virtually every system of the body, and may cause death! That's cute, Sen. Alexander, and it's sure to keep the cash flow coming in from your top lobbyists. But actual sound science reveals that vaccines aren't in any way 100% safe, nor are they guaranteed to prevent disease infection and spread. Between the years of 2005 and 2014, not a single child died in America from measles. During this same time period, however, at least 108 people died from the MMR vaccine. The outlandish declarations made in the "Vaccines Save Lives" bill about the alleged effectiveness of vaccines also directly contradict the verbiage included in the MMR vaccine package insert, as printed by Merck, its manufacturer. Included in the insert is the following damning statement: As for any vaccine, vaccination with M-M-R II may not result in protection in 100% of vaccinees. Meanwhile, the following adverse reactions are listed as having been reported during MMR human clinical trials:

• Panniculitis (inflammation of the subcutaneous fat layer below the skin)

• Atypical measles (yes, the MMR vaccine can cause and spread non-wild-type measles)

• Vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels)

• Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas)

• Diabetes mellitus

• Thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count)

• Anaphylaxis (whole-body allergic reaction)

• Arthritis

• Encephalitis (inflammation and swelling of the brain)

• Febrile convulsions

• Aseptic meningitis

• Pneumonia

• Retinitis (inflammation of the retina of the eye)

• Epididymitis (inflammation of the coiled tube at the back of the testicle that stores and carries sperm)

And Death...

Don't believe us? Check out the MMR II package insert for yourself under the section labeled "Adverse Reactions": Merck.com.[PDF]

I have pictures of some of these horrible reactions. I can't show them here, because they are so disturbing, you have to be one of those unconscionable zombies that push this stuff on a mis-informed public, not to be sickened.

Who hasn't noticed the rise in insane leftist rhetoric and violence in universities across the country?  Respected scientist and researcher, Mike Adams theorizes that along with water and food contaminated with heavy metals, vaccines may be the chief purveyor of neurotic behavior. He writes..."Don’t you find it fascinating that society was alarmed over the lead in the water in Flint, Michigan while remaining completely oblivious to the mercury in the vaccines given to children everywhere?"  See DTP vaccine study.

Sign petition to stop Congress from eliminating personal medical choice with vaccines The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) has created a petition calling on Congress to reject the "Vaccines Save Lives" legislation in preservation of personal medical choice, which is both a human and a God-given right. You can sign the petition here: Secure3.Convio.net. Sources for this article include:



http://thehill.com  Join over four million monthly readers. Your privacy is protected Learn more:

Sign the petition.

This proposal is not because of the "stupid virus", explained below. It is the result of arrogance, greed and disdain of the constitution. 

Stupid Virus!  What is it and is there a cure?  

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is partially funding an effort by researchers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, to develop a non-invasive, reversible form

of birth control for men — using ultrasound. This project seems pretty harmless, but considering the other population control projects funded, it is not hard to see this is not mere philanthropy.

The effort is a global consortium to control population. The language used in their documents is the same as we see in the Planned Parenthood organization.  It refers to "men's reproductive health".  Exactly what that means is nebulous, at best. There is also reference in their material to  the need for a covert contraceptive. One such method is contraceptive using immunological methods.



What is it and is there a cure?  This is not a joke. There is such a virus and nearly half of the population are infected.  See the article

Unlike the Ebola virus, this one is apparently not fatal, unless it makes you more prone to accidents or dangerous behavior. Not much is known about this virus or a cure, but there is a substance that naturally kills most viral infections.  It is silver. Cowboys used to put a silver coin in their canteen to kill harmful bacteria. (They probably didn't know how it worked, but they knew that it did work.) Colloidal silver was used widely in World War 1, before penicillin, to treat the wounded. It apparently fell out of use with the introduction of some drugs and there was some suggestion that the arsenic, used in the processing of silver at the time, could cause other problems.  Drug companies argue against any natural alternative to their vaccines and drug treatments and have been successful at convincing a lot of people that use of such is quackery.  Maybe this is because of the stupid virus.

The American Medical Association’s Code of Ethics directly states that "informed consent" is a fundamental "patient right" that "must be honored by physicians."


Corporate Enemies of all mankind!!!

Note: The "Corporate Enemies" video link above from the "Food Revolution Network" contains some offensive vulgarisms. However, the content is too important to skip a showing.

When corporations are interested in only one thing; making money, without regard to ethics or harm that might be done to others, they become dangerous to all of us. When they don't want to hear anything negative effecting their plans, they even resort to coercion, attacks on those trying to safeguard their products or denigrating the character of anyone who points out potential problems, they become enemies of mankind.  One such company has tried to remake their hated image and been largely successful up to now through covert corruption of such proportions, that it seems everyone is afraid to confront them. This company robs us of our money and health by promoting and selling insidiously dangerous products, falsely claiming safety and benefit to all and then making it nearly impossible for us to prevent using it.

Read this article...   http://www.naturalnews.com/029325_Monsanto_deception.html

   Other corporations are involved in this stealthy rape of American humanity.  They are BASF, Bayer, Syngenta, Dow, and DuPont.  Bayer has bought out Monsanto,  but it's still some of the same slimeballs. They are like circling buzzards, smelling profits, except these devious entities are not going to be scared off,  even if it puts at risk the health and well being of millions of people. They enlist government offices (the EPA, FDA and USDA) to endorse their work and often exceed their own safety standards.  The beautiful island of Kaua'i is being destroyed by these poisons, as these companies seek to solve problems of failing genetically modified (GM) crops.  These crops were going to be (according to their claims) the boon of mankind...greater yields, pest free, less fertilizer needed, safe and nutritious as non GM. None of these claims have proven true.  In fact, the crops have required so much more fertilizer to get an equivalent yield, when added to the additional cost of seed, there is a net financial loss. Farmers have been hoodwinked into signing agreements with Monsanto and other seed producers, that locks them into their use. Once farms have been raising GMO's, it is almost impossible to go back to Non-GMO use because the fields are contaminated with the seed. In addition, wind born pollen contaminates surrounding fields making it impossible for farms in the area to raise non-GM crops. Unfortunately, consumers don't relate their health conditions to the food they eat.  How sad.

Citizens of Kaua'i County have passed an ordinance, attempting to protect themselves. 

 In Ordinance 960, a no-spray buffer was sanctioned around schools and other buildings where people live, work or receive medical care. The ordinance does not ban the genetically modified crops from the island but keeps the pesticides out of close proximity to people.

The people of the island are hoping to take the ordinance a step further and ban all GMO cultivation form the island until third-party safety tests on the pesticides can prove that the chemicals pose no harm to human health.

They are quite concerned. One resident of the island, Klayton Kubo, who lives on the east end of Waimea, reports on what he calls "poison valley." He often has to wash off his window screens when they become clogged up with red pesticide dust. He can smell the chemical odors and toxic vapors emanating from the test fields.

With deep pockets and arrogant clout, the big agribusinesses have teamed up. In January 2014, they filed suit against Ordinance 960. 

The chemical conglomerates spent 7.8 million dollars in 2014 to support a slate of GMO-friendly candidates and opposing the "Measure 92" initiative, requiring labeling of genetically engineered produce. Sadly, the pro-GMO forces won with their candidates and the measure. Progressives, as they are called, run the state of Hawaii. In spite of the fact that conservationists are generally liberal, their progressive ideology trumps every other consideration, even their own health.  The favorite industry tactic of claiming the high cost for labeling to everyone was employed and , of course the figure was ridiculously exaggerated. Most of Europe has banned GMO's, with good reason. Laboratory tests have revealed rats fed GM soy and corn developed gross tumors, young were born dead, others were deformed and missing limbs.  Farmers using GM feed for raising hogs had the same results. See the pictures below.

Gary Hooser, author of Ordinance 960, and a member of the Kaua'i County Council sees right through big agribusinesses tactics and is prepared to take them on: "Kaua'i is Ground Zero for the testing of GMO crops. 

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/045662_biotech_companies_toxic_chemicals_Kauai.html#ixzz37XwufQaG

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/045662_biotech_companies_toxic_chemicals_Kauai.html#ixzz37Xvwm79z

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/045662_biotech_companies_toxic_chemicals_Kauai.html#ixzz37XvArXgN

More fraud and deception being perpetrated by the medical establishment concerning cancer treatment successes!!

Incredible!  These are some of the same people who have taken the Hippocratic Oath to care for the sick and dying...instead some of their treatments hasten and/or exacerbate their suffering.  Consider the barbaric practice of poisoning children with chemotherapy drugs, while claiming this practice will actually cure their disease.  Then they cook the books to support their claims.  What we have in these children's cancer treatment wards, is a laboratory of human guinea pigs for drug companies to conduct trials for their drugs so they can make millions!  They get FDA approval, again, by manipulating the data to support their claims of efficacy.  What is happening in our country?  Are there no more people left with a sense of decency when money can be made?  There is nothing wrong with enterprise or the free exercise of it, but there has to be some responsibility to be honest, humane and moral.

Read the Natural News article

Why Would Ebola Vaccine Pioneer Joke About Using A Genetically Engineered Vaccine To  KILL  2 Billion People?

See Mike Adams (Natural News) article here.

These are the kind of people that populate government positions, like Michael Delaney of the FDA, who admits to a depopulation agenda. The eugenics movement is alive and well, though it was set back by Hitler's attempted extermination of Jews, it was revitalized by the UN.  Pro-lifers are up against some extremely powerful forces, making it unlikely that "Roe V Wade' will ever be overturned. Obama's move to make the government pay for contraception is another baby-step in the direction of a national eugenics policy. This is apparently an international effort as the Catholic Church is charging two UN organizations of sterilizing millions of African girls by hiding an anti-fertility agent in an anti-tetanus inoculation

\Ebola vaccine trials put on hold due to safety concerns... The announcement of protection for Ebola vaccine developers comes just after Swiss researchers announced they were halting one of several Ebola vaccine trials due to concerns over vaccine dangers. Volunteers receiving the experimental vaccine began complaining of painful hands and feet, bringing the trial to a halt after 59 individuals were vaccinated. The Ebola vaccine administered was developed by U.S. and Canadian scientists using an animal virus genetically engineered with a piece of Ebola virus. - See more at: http://www.naturalhealth365.com/u-s-governement-ebola-vaccine-1250.html#sthash.2PizJ9sC.dpuf   

Chinese whistleblower reveals Covid-19 virus was engineered in Chinese lab.

Exposing some of these vaccine dangers is met with extreme opposition from drug companies, most of the medical establishment and the media! If their is no harm done or intended, what is it they fear? 

Seralini study showing horribly deformed rats fed GMO feed. The biotech industry has tried to hush up this and other such studies  responsible for the calls to label foods raised from GMO seeds. Are you eating these foods?  The answer is "YES". The big three foods most commonly consumed are wheat, soy and corn. Almost 100% of these available on the open market are GMO. What products do you know of that do not contain soybean or corn oil.  Not only are they genetically engineered to kill pests  that eat them, but they will eventually kill you or your offspring. Try buying bread without wheat AND soybean oil (twice the poison).  You people that have been ignoring these warnings, think about these pictures next time you have a sandwich and chips for lunch. In addition to the GMO dangers, these products nearly all contain polyunsaturated fats (PUFAS) that contribute to obesity and have been linked to the extreme increase in cancer cases.

Those of us calling for the exposure of the corporations responsible for this catastrophe are being vilified and labeled as anti-science by collaborators of these giant chemical conglomerates.

Natural News speaks of parallels between the Nazi collaborators of the Hitler era. "Today, Monsanto collaborators -- publishers, journalists and scientists -- have signed on to the Nazi genocide machine of our day: the biotechnology industry and its evil desire to dominate the world's food supply and blanket the planet with deadly chemicals that have been scientifically shown to cause horrific cancer tumors. They use many of the same tactics as the Nazi regime, too: intimidation, character assassination, threats and fabricated disinformation. Hitler's Ministry of Propaganda, it turns out, is alive and well today in America. Its headquarters is not in Berlin but St. Louis." 

Unlabeled GMOs are a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code

As far as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which are still not properly labeled in North America, the ongoing use of these untested additives in the food supply without full disclosure represents a blatant violation of the dictates of the Code. Since not a single long-term study has ever verified that GMOs are safe for human consumption, these substances are, by their very nature, experimental.

This suggests that in order for them to justifiably exist as "food," GMOs must, at the very least, be properly labeled so that people who consume them know they are present. There also must be full disclosure about the potential risks of consuming GMOs if the technology is to meet the moral obligations outlined in the Nuremberg Code.

But neither of these criteria is being met, as GMOs have remained hidden in the American food supply since the mid-1990s, without consequence. Even though copious independent research has raised major questions about GMOs and their effects on human health, practically nothing has been done to address this deliberate lack of transparency.

In fact, as you may already well know, Monsanto has been given a free pass to essentially lie to the public about the nature of GMOs, with false claims that they are materially identical to real food. Such claims only apply to concerns about food safety that affect the public, of course -- as far as patents go, Monsanto will be the first to tell you that its "intellectual property" is most certainly not the same as natural seed.

Deadly crop chemicals like Roundup, 2,4-D spreading disease and death to unwitting public

Not only are GMOs themselves a problem as far as the Nuremberg Code is concerned, but so are the chemicals used to grow them. It is the official position of Monsanto that its popular Roundup formula, which contains glyphosate as its active ingredient, is completely safe. And the American government affirms this, allowing Roundup to be sprayed at volumes of up to 200 million pounds per year.

But again, this approval is based on the biased "science" coming directly from the chemical lobby, which has a vested interest in portraying its products in the best light. There is plenty of independent science, including a 2013 study published in the journal Entropy, that point to major health problems such as infertility and cancer that can emerge from exposure to Roundup, yet none of this is considered in light of Roundup's continued heavy use.

Residential lawns, city planters, public parks, agricultural fields and much more are quietly and routinely doused in Roundup, exposing families and young children to chemical compounds that could damage their nervous systems and make them infertile. The runoff from all of these places flows through street drains to nearby waterways, where drinking water supplies are often sourced as is the case here in Clarksville, TN.  A nearby green area belonging to a bank is often heavily dosed with these chemicals. I used to walk my dog by this grass that looks nice. She was often sick until I completely stopped her from romping in that grass. Though she is 13 years old, she now runs and jumps like a puppy. I am also concerned for the health of those men who mow and spray that grass. They do not wear any breathing protection or protective clothing.  They are apparently oblivious to the danger and most certainly will end their days on this earth with cancer or some other horrible disease.  What a shame!

But few people know about this because, once again, full disclosure is not taking place. The American public simply isn't being given the option to consent or refuse these chemical exposures before encountering them -- these exposures, in other words, represent nothing more than weapons in a global chemical war.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/046210_Monsanto_Nuremberg_Code_agricultural_


Glyphosate-Treated Wheat Promotes Celiac Disease...,

which is a severe reaction to gluten that primarily affects your gastrointestinal system. Glyphosate has been shown to severely damage your gut flora and cause chronic diseases rooted in gut dysfunction. The use of glyphosate on wheat crops has risen in tandem with the rise in celiac disease. In fact, it correlates to a greater degree than glyphosate usage on corn and soy. According to Dr. Seneff, desiccating non-organic wheat crops with glyphosate just before harvest came in vogue about 15 years ago. Interestingly enough, when you expose wheat to a toxic chemical like glyphosate, it actually releases more seeds. “It ‘goes to seed’ as it dies,” Dr. Seneff explains. “At its last gasp, it releases the seed.” This results in slightly greater yield, and the glyphosate also kills rye grass, a major weed problem for wheat growers that is resistant to many other herbicides. What they're not taking into consideration is the fact that rye grass helps rebalance the soil, and from that perspective is a beneficial plant. So, most of the non-organic wheat supply is now contaminated with glyphosate. A large percentage of processed foods are made from wheat, and this helps explain the explosion of celiac disease and other gut dysfunction. What happens is that the villi in your gut get destroyed by the glyphosate, which reduces your ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. Also, wheat contains gliadin, which is difficult to break down. Normally, a reaction takes place that builds connections between different proteins in the wheat. But glyphosate gets right in the middle of that process too, resulting in wheat that is highly indigestible. Dr. Seneff and her co-researcher Dr. Anthony Samsel believe the glyphosate may attach to the gliadin as a consequence of a chemical reaction. The end result is that your body develops an immune reaction. As noted in their study: "Gut dysbiosis, brought on by exposure to glyphosate, plays a crucial role in the development of celiac disease. Many CYP enzymes are impaired in association with celiac disease, and we show that glyphosate's known suppression of CYP enzyme activity in plants and animals plausibly explains this effect in humans."  (Dr. Joe Mercola)

What effect does the proliferation of GMO contaminated seed have on the total food supply?  The answer is...DISASTROUS!  Eventually all non-GMO plants will become contaminated through wind-born cross pollination. Honey will be contaminated.  Bee populations are already diminishing.  Americans are suffering from epidemic level food allergies, celiac disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity,...all contributed to by, or caused to some degree, by genetically engineered food. Our heath care industry is already overburdened and in danger of being over-run with new illnesses, all bearing the same GMO signature.
The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is strongly against any attempts to arm you with the facts through properly labeling of foods. We should boycott all their products.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/046097_biotech_genocide_Monsanto_


"We the People"  video by Oklahoma State University 


 The Answers Here!   

Some have said that contrails will linger or break up, depending on atmospheric conditions...NOT SO!...because on days they are dumping, you can often see jet contrails that are normally short and some stretching from horizon to horizon at the same time.  Some days there are no contrails at all.  Does that mean there is no air traffic on those days...OF COURSE NOT!  It means that normal contrails are short or not visual at all.  

   Besides they admit to it.  The Air Force and Navy are involved in clandestine dumping operations.  If you look back at some of the pictures taken in the Clinton administration that show the sky, you will notice chemtrails even then. So this has been going on for many years.  Don't forget, the skies over Vietnam were filled with agent orange, that was supposed to defoliate the jungles, without harm to civilians or soldiers in those jungles.  How did that work out?  Harvard  and Yale scientists have taken to the media to declare that they are just beginning to experiment with spraying aerosols into the atmosphere, supposedly to combat climate change. NASA scientists admit past atmospheric chemtrails and now dumping lithium.

   We know for certain that aviation fuel (avgas) is leaded, so all aircraft that burn avgas are leaving an air-born trail of lead polluted residue that showers down on everyone below. It gets in the soil and water, so everyone is effected. The military has the most such aircraft, but civilian aircraft that burn avgas are also involved. This is the reason that lead was removed from automotive gas. I love flying myself, so I don't suggest anyone stop doing what they love, but it is time to make some changes to aircraft, if they will not fly without leaded fuel.   Roger Cole

How do weather control projects threaten humanity? 

When you think about it – how could chemical spraying projects – designed to put tons of poisonous substances like, aluminum oxide, barium and strontium NOT be dangerous? These dangerous particles, eventually, come down on us in the form of ‘acid rain’ and produce toxic water, polluted lungs and farmland – which make it quite difficult for natural farming techniques to exist. It’s no wonder we are seeing a rise in health problems like, nausea, diarrhea, headache, eczema, cardiac deaths and many upper respiratory illnesses. Conventionally-trained physicians are barely taught anything about environmental risk factors and are NOT prepared to handle the health problems associated with toxic air or food-related issues. In fact, most of Western medicine has no idea how to help people detoxify or heal from any chronic disease condition. Their focus is merely to treat disease symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs, risky medical ‘treatments’ like radiation or chemotherapy and, if needed, surgery. - See more at: http://www.naturalhealth365.com/geoengineering-weather-control-toxic-water-1318.html#sthash.IEIeOooN.dpuf 


Oxford University apparently believes geoengineering can save the world from global warming.

One of their program offerings is Climate Geoengineering Governance (CGG), a recently announced Oxford-led project in partnership with The University of Sussex and University College London which will examine the governance and ethics of geoengineering.  Why should there be ethical considerations involved if there is no such thing as "chemtrails"?
 I have seen old pictures of long contrails emitting from aircraft back in the WWII era.  The problem with that as evidence against the modern dumping of chemicals is that:

#1 Those old aircraft were notorious polluters. 
 #2 The trails were NOT horizon to horizon like we see today.

Thank God for Donald Trump, who has been trying todismantle the hidden government programs responsible for aerial dumping of chemicals on all of us!

Some have said that contrails will linger or break up, depending on atmospheric conditions...NOT SO!...because on days they are dumping, you can often see jet contrails that are normally short and some stretching from horizon to horizon at the same time. Note the illustration on the left. Besides they admit to it.  The Air Force and Navy are both involved in clandestine dumping operations. Learn more about it by watching this video.  

More information

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